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Marvin Clovis and his Daughter Shirley Krawece,
Have been raising and breeding Appaloosa horses for many years and continue to do that today!
Marvin has raised and bred horses over 25 year.
Marvin is now 75 years old and is still as interested in horses as ever!
Marvin & Shirley are proud to share their prides and joys with everyone and are even willing to sell!
They love their horses and when they breed their stallions to a mare they love to see what the mare is going to have!

Now that his 2004 babies are born he is proud to share them with you today!

There are many photo's of the studs, mares, yearlings, 2 year olds, & babies of 2004, and much much more.
We have also a selection of horses for sale.

Information on the horses is available as you take the tour of a life time through the Killum Creek Appaloosa's Website!

Have Fun!

For more information don't be afraid to contact us at our email address,